If you’re driving, just take the A30 to Penzance then stay on the coast road until you reach Mousehole Harbour.

If you’re using public transport, take the excellent bus service from Penzance Railway Station to Mousehole Harbour.

From the harbour, head past the Ship Inn and follow the road until you come to Pam’s Pantry on your left. Look up the road and across to the right, and you will see a gap between two houses: this is the bottom of Cherry Garden Street, a fairly steep footpath with Number 5 at the top on the left.

Nobody will object to you parking for a while to unload your car at the bottom of the lane, then you can park in either of the harbour car parks for £3 per day.

Please Note: If you DO try to use a SatNav, the postcode above might get you pretty close, BUT there are tiny lanes involved which confuse most systems, so we suggest you navigate to Mousehole Harbour bus stop (near TR19 6PG) then follow the directions above.